Reference projects

Certus 5D Constructability Study applied to the our biggest (50.000 m2) project identified and elimanted close to 400 problems, which would cause major delays & costs in construction phase. Based on the study a substantial part of project documentation was redesigned on time and delivered to the field.

Sample MEP coordination projects

MEP simulation: get the subs in-line!

CERTUS 5D® Dynamic progressive LOD libraries

Unique parametric dynamic libraries for modeling of demanding technological project (e.g., labs) enable: (1) fast collection of end-user requirements; (2) better communication for stakeholders; (3) easier design iterations; (4) checks of collisions with building systems; (5) vendor neutral tender process and (6) production of visual representations integrated with textual data, (7) ready for BIM FM integration.

Over 170 laboratories project delivered in less than ½ of usual time as CERTUS dynamic libraries of technological equipment and furniture were used. 

The process was supported with a database for the collection of the end-user requirements and finally, implementation catalogue