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Technological projects

CERTUS unique workflows and parametric dynamic libraries for modelling of demanding technological project (e.g., labs) enable fast collection of end-user requirements, better communication for stakeholders, easier design iterations, checks of collisions with building systems, tender publications and production of visual representations integrated with textual data and advanced technological demonstration projects with non-linear animations.

Under construction

Gradual development of detail with flexible technical properties: from the end-user data collection to tendering process and installation catalogue.

There are two major pitfalls of laboratory projects are changes in scope of the project and upsets to the budget and schedule. 

CERTUS 5D Consultants will assure you the best possible execution of the project using our unique model based workflow that improve communication and reduce risks.

A decision process for change orders is more important with laboratory facilities than other construction/renovation because of the complexity and the variability of requirements for laboratories in the same building.

Users' input is important but must be modulated because of the complexity of the project and the interrelations among the different parts of it.
Valuable laboratory and other tehnology equipment together with precize end-user requirements needs special treatment.  The proccess is constantly changing. 

The later in the construction process they appear the smarter management decisions they demand. 

Tehnological project management is constantly supported by:
  • Constructability Studies, 
  • Location Based Management, 
  • Sustainable Engineering and Energy Simulation, 
  • Model Based Facility Management